Fuuryo Arissen
Vital statistics
Position Builder & Fighter
Age 17
Status Lone
Physical attributes
Height 5'09"
Weight 163 lbs.
Fuuryo is a pervert, clear and simple when he comes to peeking at women and he has also no problem when this is clearly in the open to the annoyance of everyone around him (but mostly women). However, when it comes to Gunpla battles, he becomes a different man. He prefers fast-moving mobile suits with long-range sniping capabilities, and at times some tricks at the back if needed.

As a young boy, he quickly learned that he had trouble fighting at front, usually falling into panic and thus making mistakes and although this has become less than before, he still dislikes full-frontal combat with others. This is why he incorperated his own sniping style on opponents, sniping them from afar or tricking them into traps.

Xophix Gunpla - GM Sniper Custom "Mosquito"