As with most websites, I'm gonna have rules. I expect these rules to be followed. Mods and admins, I expect you to take appropriate action when rules are being disobeyed.

1) Don't be a Scott.
2) Respect everyone. Everyone.
3) The admins have the final say. If you are punished by a mod and complain to an admin, the admin's word is law.
4) You can appeal a punishment. But, again, the admin has the final say.
5) Don't cheat in the RP. Anyone caught cheating in the RP will be banned from it for a week.
6) Don't ask or beg for admin or mod status. If you're not an admin or a mod on this site, that means you weren't meant to be an admin or a mod on this site.
7) Keep it PG-13 and lower.
8) Don't pester people. If someone doesn't want to play with you, take the hint and leave them alone.
9) Do not ask people to edit your pages for you. This does not include simply adjusting the format or something simple. Anyone caught breaking this rule will have their page deleted. You will restart from scratch.

If I think of anything else, I'll add it. Don't make me add more rules. You don't wanna be a Scott, now, do you?