Liam Alphonse
Vital statistics
Position Builder/Fighter
Age 17
Status Lone
Physical attributes
Height 5'9"
Weight 147 lbs
 Liam Alphonse is a Social Awkward foreigner who comes from Europe. He is a very calm and talented person who can quickly adapt and master many things. When he was wandering the world he ended up coming to Japan and after hearing about gunplas and this popular craze he decided to try it out once. He found it to be a kinda interesting thing so he decided to stick around, only the gunpla he used wasn't his at all.

Liam is normally a very calm and collected person but isn't social as he's been either alone or traveling for most of his life. He is very talented and is normally traveling with his guitar, which is his favorite instrument. He tends to be alone and usually panics or does something else when around too many people.

Level 1

EXP 0/30