Kaiser is a 16 year old school boy who is very shy and tender-hearted.He loses confidence quite easily and takes a while to build him back up. He was fond of building gunpla, not gunpla battling until a local bully challenged him. Kaiser barely won, but learned the thrills gunpla battling provided. Although he wanted to continue battling, he was too scared to put his gunpla on the line just to risk losing and it being destroyed. One day, his grandpa gave him a GN-007 Arios Gundam as a gift. His grandpa stated that he waited to give it to him until he confessed his love for battling. Kaiser was confused but thankful for the gift. In his first battles, he lost a lot of his matches due to being an inexperienced controller.He never gave up and spent countless hours for days and weeks at a time training to become a better controller. After months of training, he took his Arios to a local tournament and he placed third in the tournament. Although, he was sad he couldn't win, he was glad he made it that far. Kaiser prefers keeping his enemies at a distance unless he is sure he can outspeed them in close combat. He now is known by battlers as "Lucky King"

Exp: 0/30

Trivia: He is a Gundam fanatic

He has only 1 gunpla

His only Gunpla is the Arios Gundam

He enjoys battles that push him to the limit.

Kaiser Vex
Vital statistics
Position Builder/Fighter
Age 16
Status Leader of Team Vex
Physical attributes
Height 5'9
Weight 146