John Willison Is a Rookie fighter based on Johncoolman86

{{infobox character
  | image         = MyStyle_(13).jpg
  | Affiliation   = None
  | age           = 13
  | Position      = Builder/Fighter
  | height        = 6'1
  | weight        = 125 lbs.
 |title = John Willison|position = Builder/Fighter|status = None


John has curly black hair and Dark tanned skin with deep brown eyes he usally wears a white over shirt with a yellow tee and his glasses 

<u>Personality                         </u>

John is Quite when he feels like it but has low temper resulting in him bursting out making him reckless most people think of him as a freak some accident that was a mistake a thing tat didn't deserve life because off this Johns whole family ignored him not caring hen he was builled or beaten up by his own brothers leaving John with deep emotional issues so he cant stand to see someone to get picked on in Gunpla battles he is fierce and agile mainting control while still keeping force leaving his gunpla full in "Battle scars" which he need fi          <u>        History                </u>

John was ignored and forgotton as a child leaving him with emotional scars being the so called"Mistake" everyone picked on him even his so called "Friends" So he left to Tokyo in order to become the #1 Gunpla Fighter