Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height 19.6 meters (Normal Mode)
21.5 feet (Destroy Mode)
Weight 23.4 metric tons


The Pegasus was built by Eirik Agara with the help of his newly found mentor and friend, Glory Caliph. The pegasus was based on the mythological animal ``Pegasus`` as he Made the gundam a modified Unicorn with a wing set to match the Pegasus`s wings.


P4 System

Codename: Pegasus, Power, Purple, Purger

The system is to use the Plavesky particles as a form of Psycommu to activate a form of NT-D transforming the Gundam into Gundam Mode. THe system also uses Plavesky Particles as a sort of energy to fly around the battle field with thruster like absorbers that absord Plavesky Particles and then use them into thrust to move the Gundam through space and air terrain. The thrusts are able to reach high speeds to fly across the battlefield. The thrusters leave a purple trail in its flight path to resonate to the psychoframe.

Extra Parts

Extra Parts:

  • MMI-714 "Arondight" Beam Sword

12 Points. SD Scale 

  • Stargazer Ring: Modified with the P4 System

25 Points : HG Scale

  • Beam Gatling Gun

20 Points HG Scale (NOT OPERATIONAL due to BP cost)

60+12+25=97 Points overall

Battle System

Melee Slots

  • Melee Slot 1:1 X Standerd Beam Saber (Laser Weapon)
  • Melee Slot 2:2 X Beam Sabers (Laser Weapon)
  • Melee Slot 3:1 X Beam Tonfa (Laser Weapon)
  • Melee Slot 3:1 X Arondight Beam Sword ( Laser Weapon)
  • Melee Slot 4:2 X Beam Tonfa`s (ONLY IN DESTROY MODE) (Laser Weapon)

Range Slots

  • Range Slot 1: Standerd Beam Rifle (Laser Weapon)
  • Range Slot 2: Beam Magnum (Laser Weapon)
  • Range Slot 3: 60mm Vulcan Gun (Guns)
  • Range Slot 4: Hyper Bazooka ( Heavy Weapon)
  • Range Slot 5: Shield Double Barrel Gun (Guns)

Special Slots

  • Special Slot 1: P4 System (Can only activate after 1 Critical dealt to this Gunpla)