Gundam AGE-2 Phantom
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height 1/144
Weight 1.5 lbs

The Gundam AGE-2 Phantom is a base model Gundam AGE-2 with the Phantom System, a system created by Glory Caliph, installed. It is currently exclusively used by Glory.


A-Rank Gunpla 60/100 BP

Phantom System 85/100 BP

Anti-Laser Barrier 100/100 BP

The Phantom System, when activated, halves the AGE-2 Phantom's capabilities and creates a weak Phantom Clone of the AGE-2 Phantom. The AGE-2 Phantom then switches to stealth mode, turning invisible, as an AI takes over and pilots it into hiding. All controls then switch over to the Phantom Clone. Once the clone is destroyed, the AI is turned off, the stealth is removed, and control is returned to the AGE-2 Phantom. The AGE-2 Phantom remains crippled for the rest of the fight. The Phantom System can only be used once per battle.

Combat Slots:


1. Beam Saber

2. Beam Saber


1. Hyper DODS Rifle (locks in G-Strider Mode.)

2. Beam Vulcan (only usable in G-Strider Mode. Locks.)

3. Beam Vulcan (only usable in G-Strider Mode. Locks.)


1. Shield

2. Anti-Laser Barrier


1. G-Strider Mode

2. Phantom System


1. Walk

2. Glide

3. Fly (locks in G-Strider Mode)