Genoace Fox Custom
Vital statistics
Position Custom Heavy Assault Mobile Suit
Age N/A
Status N/A
Physical attributes
Height 1/144
Weight 1.5lbs

The Genoace Fox Custom is a Heavy Assault Mobile Suit made from scratch building with an Original Genoace build designed for drawn out heavy combat with the use of its hard hitting Ordnance equipment and long range assaults against it's enemies.

Although it has a heavy frame, it has hover units built into the legs for high-mobility movement on the ground

The Gunpla is owned and used by Geno Takagami.

Total BP used = 99.

Base Gunpla C rank Genoace = 25 bp

Heavy Laser Weapons x2 =40 bp

Heavy Weapons x2 =24 bp

Beam Saber x1 = 10 bp


  • Beam Saber x1
  • Custom Beam Spray Guns
A weapon usually used by security MS, its firepower has been upgraded to deal with the Vagan threat. Two of these are mounted on the hips and can be pulled off and deployed as handguns and have minor Anti beam coating for use in short lasting Close Quarters Combat.
  • Fox Beam
A special beam cannon created specifically for use by Fox, two of these are mounted on the shoulder hardpoints. The cannons can be swapped out for other equipment if needed.
  • 4-tube Rocket Launcher
Mounted on the top of each shoulder, the rocket launchers can be fitted onto other MS by changing their attachment point.