Geno Takagami
Vital statistics
Position Builder and Fighter
Age 19
Status Lone
Physical attributes
Height 6'1
Weight 198lbs

Geno Takagami is 19 years of age ad was born in Japan,he is a strange boy with a strange name who enjoys Gunpla battle. Though his looks may earn him alot of strange looks, he enjoys his hobby very much and likes to have fun with it even if he does not win, he is sarcastic humoring, and overall a comediac person to be around majority of the time. When he is not playing Gunpla or hanging around an arcade he can normally be found reading up on old world Military vehicles such as old style tanks, planes, and Naval ships to match his curiosity with anything military related despite his looks making him seem as a typical goth/scene kid.

His gunpla of choice is the Genoace Fox Custom

Level: 1

EXP: 0/30