GN Gundam Resonance Kyrios
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height  ???
Weight  ???

 The GN Gundam Resonance Kyrios or GN Resonance Kyrios is a custom gundam created by Liam Alphonse using the GN-003 Gundam Kyrios as a base.

Total CostEdit

  • A-Rank Base Gundam 60 BP
  • Resonance System 25 BP
  • GN Resonating Blade 12 BP

97/100 BP

Resonance SystemEdit

The Resonance System is a custom system created by Liam. It is an important feature in the GN Resonance Kyrios. Once activated it releases a vibrating shield on the back which creates a Sonic Signal Disruptor causing to interfere with the opponent's Gundam in the area surrounding it. The signal interferes with Systems and Laser Weapons while it remains intact. Since the system takes lots of energy it can't last for too long.

GN Resonating BladeEdit

The Resonating Blade is a custom weapon created by Liam. The sword is styled after a tuning fork but built for close combat. When the sword hits something it will cause it to vibrate stunning them for a few seconds, perfect to escape or strike. Though it is very weak weapon and does very light damage.

Combat SlotsEdit


  1. GN Beam Saber
  2. GN Beam Saber
  3. Claw Shield
  4. GN Resonating Blade


  1. GN Beam Submachine Gun


  1. GN Shield


  1. GN Field
  2. Resonance System