Forbidden Hellfire Gundam
Forbidden Hellfire
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height 1/114
Weight a pound

 The ''Forbidden Hellfire Gundam is a custom gundam created by Leon Fang using the [1] as a base.

Total Cost

  • A-Rank Base Gundam 60 BP
  • Missile pod 17 BP
  • Beam Saber 10 BP

87/100 BP

Combat Slots


  1. "Nidhoggr" Heavy Scythe
  2. Beam Saber


  1. "Armfeuer" 115mm Machine Guns
  2. Missile pod
  3. "Eckzahn" 88mm Railguns (Only usable in High-Speed Assault form)
  4. "Hresvelgr" Plasma Induction Cannon (Only usable in High-Speed Assault form)


  1. Beam Arching Equipment
  2. Geschmeidig Panzer

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