-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHARACTER SHEET---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Eirik Agara
Vital statistics
Position Builder/Fighter
Age 17
Status Unaffiliated
Physical attributes
Height 5` 7``
Weight 142LB

Erik started his Gunpla journey after discovering the ``Gundam Seed`` Anime. He watched SDGF as a kid and now watching these bgigger robots fight got his interest in gunpla peaked. He especially loved ``Gundam Seed Destiny`` and the character Shinn Asuka. His love for GSD got him into making both of Shinn`s Mobile Suits so he built an SD Force Impulse Gundam. 



Level  1

Trivia: Has watched almost all Gundam anime

Built only 3 Gunpla`s

His best constructed Gunpla is his SD Force Impulse

Likes Fried Rice

Gunpla In possession-----------------------------------------------------